Elephants and golden cake

After our delicious salads at the wonderful Fife cafe that featured as last week’s Tearoom of the Week, my delectable assistant and I took afternoon refreshments in another Fife eatery.

It was a very cold, overcast day but before going into tearoom number 2 we took a health-giving walk up a small road that took us past some buildings featuring lovely crow-stepped gabling:

The crow-stepped gable is a very useful form of architecture for people who need to climb up onto a roof, giving secure stone steps up from standard ladder height to the top of a building.

If you fancy climbing up a few crow-stepped gables, but find you’re a bit nervous about the height and steepness, you’d be well advised to pop across the border into England for a bit of practise first. Apparently roofs like these tend to be steeper in Scotland, so that snow can slide off more easily.

Although the idea of stepping up them does entice me (and has done, ever since I first saw Mary Poppins climb up a crow-stepped gable made of smoke in the Disney movie) my fear of heights prevents me from actually trying it out. I prefer to enjoy them safely from ground level.

The tearoom we proposed to take afternoon snacks in is next-door to a shop full of wooden items shipped in from Asia, and fancying a little look around the goods on display, we popped in.

There were a lot of elephants. Here are some carved into a table-top:

There were two almost life size elephants in one part of the shop. I thought it might be nice to buy one, put it into a trailer attached to the back of my car and tour around the country with it.

These ones were sitting at the door ready to welcome people into the shop. Those two small things at the front on either side of the little elephant are, believe it or not, carvings of elephant rumps, for sale at £1 a go. I did consider buying one, I must admit.

Before leaving, my delightful assistant purchased a very well-priced magazine rack made from teak:

Only a few steps from the shop full of wooden elephants was the tearoom we were headed for. The building is a wooden structure that doesn’t give anything away from the outside.

The sun had come out a bit, which was very nice, but it was still too cold to sit out on the balcony (and a bit noisy, due to the proximity of the road):

The first time I visited this place, I had no idea from the outside how nice it was going to be inside:

And I certainly wasn’t expecting such impressive facilities:

Most of the tables in this tearoom have marble tops, and there are fresh flowers in vases. When I ordered a slice of cake, a very nice fork was brought with the napkin:

There was a tempting selection of cakes and biscuits on display. I opted for the chocolate cake while my assistant asked for a slice of coffee walnut cake. We both had decaf coffees, mine a latte and hers an Americano:

My chocolate cake was attractively decorated with milk and white chocolate shavings, and nicely finished on the edge:

My assistant’s coffee cake was beautiful, and reminded me of a lump of rock with sparkly bits in it (alas, despite doing a year of geology at university I cannot for the life of me think which rock it reminded me of). The top was decorated with chopped up walnuts and glittery edible gold flakes:

As with my slice, attention had been paid to the edge:

My latte, as seen in a previous picture, was served in a tall glass. My assistant’s Americano, on the other hand, came in a stylish cup and saucer with a spoon to match the fancy fork:

Since there’s a bit of an elephant theme to this post, I’m going to sneak in one more. I bought this one for a friend a few years ago, and he’s been named George. He’s quite big and is meant as a doorstop (although I believe my friend keeps him on the bed). He’s filled with sand and his outer material is silk.

He really is a most charming and delightful little fellow.

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19 thoughts on “Elephants and golden cake

  1. Delicious posting, Lorna! A few notes: you’re right—the outside of the tearoom doesn’t give anything away about the inside—which is kind of modern and very clean and elegant. Second: those cake slices made my mouth water. Third: I have that very same silverware pattern (and I have it in both the solid silver color and a pattern where the ends of the fiddlehead are forged dark black (from the middle to the fiddlehead). Love them! Thanks for sharing this tearoom discovery!

    • Thank you very much Cindy, I like your taste in cutlery. :) I was expecting something quite rustic inside this place, and was very surprised by how modern it was.

  2. I once read that before eating at a restaurant, check the bathroom. If it is nice and clean, it means the kitchen is, too! Judging by the bath photo, you found a great tearoom!

    • I’ve heard that too and I always feel a bit nervous about the state of the kitchens if the bathroom is a bit dodgy. This one was very good though, I’m pleased to say.

  3. Ou est? I live in Fife…

  4. I love the look of the gold flecked walnut cake seriously decadent! Also I agree with the choices of the cutlery/crockery there, very very stylish with those twirly ends!

    • I know, I’m wondering about sourcing some of those gold flakes and decorating cakes with them myself. They’d be perfect for special occasions. The cutlery was great! :)

  5. You half expect to see wooden picnic tables judging by the exterior. Very elegant inside…or elephant. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  6. Wow! Looks amazing!

  7. That looks wonderful. I know someone who collects carved elephants and she would be in heave!

  8. How amazing! If it hadn’t been for that very interesting bit about crow-stepped gables at the beginning (thanks for that), I really wouldn’t quite have guessed which country this tea-room was in! I agree that attention to detail is so enjoyable, and also that such a sparkling bathroom is confidence-inspiring!

    I am so jealous of your job eating cake every day! :-)

    • The building does look very un-Scottish doesn’t it? I always feel slightly disorientated when I arrive there. I don’t know why I didn’t think up this daily cake eating job earlier in my life. I’ve wasted years sitting around in offices pushing paper about when I could have been trotting around the country stuffing my face instead. Still, better late than never.

  9. Lovely photos and delicious pictures of the fine food! :)

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