Easter bunnies

I’m glad that rabbits are such a big part of Easter because it gives me an excuse to dedicate a post to them.

I’ve always been fond of rabbits. I used to draw them all the time as a child, and they’re still one of my favourite doodles.

Earlier this year I received a beautiful birthday card from my dear parents:

I also got a calendar for Christmas which is full of rabbits. These two little gems appeared in March and fairly brightened up my month:

Along with my drawings of rabbits as a child, I used to write stories about them. According to the date on the back of this piece of paper (my parents are very good at putting dates on things), it was done in spring 1977, when I was 5. The translation is: “I saw a rabbit in the forest, it was jumping, it was furry, it was very nice”:

He’s now retired, but in his working life my dad was an astronomer and worked at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.  He used to bring box-loads of what we called ‘computer paper’ home with him from the office for us to draw on. It came in perforated sheets with holes along the top and green stripes on the back.

In June 1977 I made use of some of this paper to write the following story, and draw a one-eyed rabbit filled with flowers to illustrate it. The translation would appear to be: “I saw a rabbit in my garden. I like the rabbit, it was furry, it was running all over the place. I want it as a pet, mummy said that I could have it. I had it for a pet.”:

On the other side of the paper I drew a jolly little dancing rabbit:

Yesterday there were three small Lindt bunnies playing round this wooden drawered ornament:

This morning they were outside having a serious discussion in the grass:

Very fittingly for Easter, my April calendar page depicts this delightful little rabbit with two eggs that are not that much smaller than the bunny itself:

Happy Easter!

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44 thoughts on “Easter bunnies

  1. What a lovely Easter morning post. Gorgeous bunnies!
    I remember that stripey paper- nice that you have such strong reminders of you as a little un.
    My yesterday post featured cards too- pretty Easter ones from Poland. Happy Easter to you.

    • I saw your beautiful cards, and thank you for your comment. You remember that paper too! It was a big part of my life for many years. It is nice that my parents kept drawings and things from my childhood. Have a very Happy Easter!

  2. What a coincidence that there were three golden rabbits playing on your wooden dresser and another three appeared outside on the green grass today! When people coin the term ‘breed like rabbits’ I didn’t think it was true, lol :)

  3. Hi,
    Beautiful photos, and the bunnies are just so cute. :)
    Happy Easter to you as well.

  4. We have two of those Lindt bunnies serving as decoration at our house this year, too. Alas, they are not long for this world, I’m afraid! I especially like the first drawing you pictured. In it, you seemed to be questioning your own perceptions with all those question marks. ; )

    • Ha ha, I never thought of that. I suspect I’d just learned how to do question marks and was keen to practise them. The trouble with these Lindt bunnies is they seem to disappear rather quickly.

  5. Those baby rabbits are so cute that they make my eyes water! I love your drawings too… especially the flowery bunnies. I hate to think what the Lindt bunnies are discussing in the grass. Best not to think of them as having feelings, perhaps!? Happy Easter to you and your delightful assistants.

    • Thank you Jo, I feel the same about the rabbits. Every time I turn over a new month on my calendar I go all gooey, they’re just so sweet. You’re right, it’s best not to think about the Lindt bunnies having feelings. That could cause a dilemma for me, especially with being a vegaquarian.

  6. Amazing how parents can decipher their kid’s handwriting ;-)! We had a couple of rabbits as pets when we were kids and I’m ashamed to say, I don’t remember much about having them except they had rather foul tempers and I was scared to death of them! The bunnies in your photos have much gentler personalities, I’m sure!

  7. A lovely Blog. Happy Easter to you too

  8. Yolanda Presant

    A very happy Easter, Lorna and thank you for brightening so many of my days!

  9. I LOVE RABBITS!!!!! They’re very cute!!
    Happy Easter!!!!

  10. Dienna

    Aw, look at the cute little bunnies. They’re so adorable!

  11. As with good books, cute furry bunnies and tea also seem to get along exceptionally well. Your drawings of bunnies remind me of my own Bambi ‘artworks’ that covered scraps of paper and even the sidewalk. :)

    • Funny, isn’t it, how children’s drawings tend to look very similar? I’d forgotten about drawing with chalk outside in the street, I did that, too.

  12. I love rabbits too. We have a lop/lion hair bunny called Pumpkin as she is the colour (and shape) of a pumpkin!! She’s the size of a small dog and loves hopping around the garden and is very furry like the ones you wrote about as a child :)

    • Aw, she sounds delightful! Does she live inside or outside? My brother had a friend who had a rabbit that lived in the house, just like a dog or a cat. I imagine your daughter must love her to bits.

      • I would love her to live inside but she’s a bit too old to house train now (and the husband won’t let her!) so she’s in a hutch or running round the garden. Yes my daughter loves her – although she tends to poke her with a stick which Pumpkin isn’t fond of :)

  13. You were a very intelligent 5 year old! Wish I’d had whole classrooms full of you.

  14. Lovely to see that your parents kept your creative works. I did the same for my children and passed the “stuff” on when they were 21.

  15. What a cute post! Aren’t rabbits gentle and lovely creatures. I’ve always loved them. And I remember that type of computer paper. My dad, a computer guy, used to always have this around the house.

    • Thanks TBM, they are indeed adorable little things. I’m so pleased that other people know what I’m on about re: the computer paper. It was always in our house when I was growing up, as it was in yours by the sounds of things.

  16. These are some really cute pictures. This is a great post!

  17. teawithbetty.wordpress.com

    Your post is touching and delightful…the bunnies are adorable and you have obviously been a creative person from 5 years old on :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is way too cute. I love bunnies!

  19. Very amusing post, Lorna, and we have done the same as your mum and dad for our boys (now 27 and 25)! I hope they will appreciate them as much as you obviously do when we give them to them! Magic post!



    • Thank you, that’s great John, I’m so glad to hear it, I’m sure they will appreciate it. I don’t know quite why humans think like they do, but we all seem to enjoy having a link with the past.

  20. Beautiful post!

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