Hidden gems

One of life’s little pleasures, and something I find very rewarding, is finding hidden gems in my own neck of the woods.

I used to enjoy voyages of discovery of this sort when I lived in Edinburgh, wandering through the streets and taking turnings that I hadn’t taken before, just to see what lay beyond my usual route. I was often delighted by surprising details – a nice architectural feature here, a beautiful garden there.

This afternoon, since we were both in need of a bit of fresh air and exercise, I whisked my delightful assistant off towards Kirriemuir and took a turn off the road that I had seen many times before but never investigated.

The road was marked ‘Silvie’, although I didn’t see any further signs of anywhere with that name. It was a very pleasant discovery; here are a few photos of what we saw:

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22 thoughts on “Hidden gems

  1. Such beautiful old lanes and stone walls! What a lovely place.

  2. Such quaint beauty! Thank you for spying, capturing, and sharing those hidden gems with us, Lorna.

  3. What a lucky turn off of a familiar road! I often think about doing the same thing, but then think, “next time.”

    • That’s exactly what I do most of the time, but this time I actually did something about it. I feel inspired to do it again at some other places I bypass now.

  4. Definitely a poster child for the benefits of living in the country. It means you get to see and enjoy gorgeous vista’s like this!

    It certainly looks warm, light & summery. Hopefully there’s some very decent picnic weather over there too!

    • Thank you Alice, a poster child for country living! I like it. :-) It wasn’t terribly warm, unfortunately, in fact when in shadow I was wishing I had a hat and gloves! I keep hoping for picnic weather…..

  5. Delightful! Wish I was there with you.

  6. Flowers are so great. they just bloom where they are planted.

  7. Aah to be able to step out and walk amidst that beautiful landscape! Cannot imagine it in the concrete jungle that I live in! Love the light in the last shot.

    • Thanks Madhu, I can understand that. I’ve spent much of my life in a concrete jungle, but now that I’m living in a more rural area I don’t think I could go back. I like the space and the fresh air too much!

  8. Very calming and beautiful pics! little gem indeed!

  9. Little gem, great description…what a lovely find.

  10. What a lovely spot, you have some glorioius countryside round your way.

    And the road sign reminds me of AC/DC – I’ll be humming Whole Lotta Rosie to myself all morning now, and that’s a very good thing :-)

  11. So lovely…

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