Crocodile cake

One of my favourite tearooms, the Macmillan Coffee Shop in Perth, is soon to close for the season.

I’ve been popping along there as often as I can recently, to make the most of it while it’s still open. It’ll be a long wait between the end of this month and April 2014 when it reopens for business.

They always have interesting and delicious scones and cakes on offer, and on a recent visit I opted for a slice of chocolate and hazelnut cake.

I was astonished by its similarity to a crocodile:


Crocodile chocolate and hazelnut cake

I don’t know if it’s easier to see what I mean slightly closer up:


Can you see the crocodile in this cake?

The whole hazelnuts on top were such a tasty touch that it would have been nice to have had more of them decorating the cake. However, had that been the case, it wouldn’t have looked like a crocodile, which would have been a great pity.

A unique cake and a very happy memory.

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36 thoughts on “Crocodile cake

  1. Gosh you are right it really does look like a crocodile, but also looks delicious!

    Angela – Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you can see the crocodile. I had no idea I would enjoy munching on crocodile eyes until I was faced with this creature. Delicious!

  2. *snap*snap* You may have just inspired me!

  3. How lush is that!

  4. It does look like a crocodile but I’m sure it tasted much better!

  5. I SO want a piece of crocodile cake now! I can see exactly what you mean! It looks divine. Perhaps a visit to Perth is in order… soon, if it is closing for winter!

    • I think the last day it’s open this year is Saturday the 26th of October, so there’s still a little time left. I haven’t seen that cake again since I had it, so you might not get the crocodiles if you visit. However, they do an excellent scone, their date and cinnamon is possibly my favourite.

  6. It just looks delicious…chocolate and hazelnuts, is there any better dessert combination? And yes, it does look a bit like a croc!

  7. I’d feel mean eating his eyes now! :) What a shame that even in a town like Perth tourism can’t support the teashop for a little while longer. If it was a little nearer I’d come and do my bit.

    • I’m not entirely sure why they close for the winter, but it’s the only cafe I know of in Perth that does. It’s run entirely by volunteers, so maybe they have other commitments over the winter months. It’s such a gem of a place though, well worth visiting during the open season if you’re ever in the vicinity.

  8. I can vouch for the quality at this particular eatery. But don’t go at lunchtime because the local ladies take up all the tables mid-morning and stay there nursing half drunk cups of tea. But if I lived locally I would do the same so I can’t really blame them.

    • Oops, I might be one of those ‘local ladies.’ :-) I’m delighted to hear you’ve been and enjoyed it. Lunchtimes can be very busy though, you’re right. Get in early or leave it till a bit later.

  9. Looks tasty as always Lorna. It must be sad to think the tearoom will close up for a bit, (but at least you can get in there and enjoy all it’s delicious treats) before it goes. As for the crocodile cake, I think it’s quite charming and I can imagine a frosted peppermint concoction would go down a treat :)

    • It’s always a sad time of year as regards this tearoom, but I look forward to the reopening next spring, which will be a time of great joy. A frosted peppermint concoction sounds very enticing indeed.

  10. Ha! Even down to the texture in the frosting. So cute!

  11. That is one crocodile I would gladly take on.

  12. It’s the friendliest crocodile I’ve seen and I wouldn’t mind a taste of that cake either!

  13. I do I do I do see the crocodile in it!! I love it :)

  14. ha ha – I think you have had way too much coffee for one day

  15. I thought it looked like a crocodile and very tasty!

  16. Haha this made me smile. :)

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