Made in Scotland

Just a quick plug for the online magazine, Made in Scotland, which showcases some of Scotland’s creative talent.

The latest edition features last minute gift guides, reviews and interviews with local craftspeople, including the artist Jenni Douglas, who creates beautiful designs for coasters, mugs, notelets, etc.

There also happens to be a little article about a particularly nice tearoom by someone you might recognise (click here if you’d like to read it, but be warned it includes photos of chocolate).


A magnificent bafflement of chocolate choices.

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28 thoughts on “Made in Scotland

  1. Great stuff Lorna. And the pictures had me positively drooling at the mouth!

  2. A well written piece in Made in Scotland Lorna. I so want to go there and have a hot chocolate and a dessert. Now I must make myself a bagel with nutella spread to satisfy my chocolate craving after reading..

    • Thank you Darlene, if you’re ever in that neck of the woods I highly recommend a visit to Grandtully. I hope your nutella bagel satisfied the chocolate cravings. :-)

  3. Made me think of Christmas cooking with my mother, when we made boxes of sweets for presents.

  4. What a mouth-watering picture to introduce your post in the Reader, who could resist clicking on to read?
    I have been following Made in Scotland and I agree that there are some wonderful creative gifts to be had there.
    Love your post too.

    • Thanks Heather, good to hear that you follow Made in Scotland, I think they’re doing a great job highlighting some of Scotland’s creative treasures.

  5. Congratulations on your excellent article! I have heard of Legends of Grandtully, and I now see that it’s more of a place of pilgrimage than a tea room! That hot chocolate looks divine, as do their truffles. I am sure they’ll receive even more visitors after your glowing report!

    • Thank you very much, Jo. That’s a great comment about Legends being a place of pilgrimage, I treat it like that when I’m going for a hot chocolate. :-)

  6. How nice that your article was featured, Lorna!

  7. Excellent article and the pictures look simply delicious!

  8. Thank-you for sharing this. I feel that we Scots don’t sell our creative side very well. We are far more than ‘see you Jimmy’ hats and kilts.

  9. mmmmm

  10. I am drooling…just got over a week-long cold and soup and more soup and am ready for something decadent…these look awesome!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your cold but glad you’re over it. Soup is the stuff to give the troops all right, but I think you deserve a small treat or two now. Those chocolates would be just the job. :-)

  11. Great article, Lorna, thanks for sharing. If they’re smart they’ll have you write many more. PS: That cup of hot chocolate made my mouth water!!

  12. that is definitely my kind of tearoom!!! tea and chocolate the two things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island!

  13. Well we already know I am a chocolate aficionado and now we can add your greatest fan to that list too! I’m so happy for you Lorna! It was a beautiful feature, a well written article (and now,) I am craving thick hot chocolates with fruit scones (always) and crispy country air. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing, in putting the lesser known parts of Scotland on the map!

    • Thank you Alice, very kind of you to say so. I think you would love that chocolate shop and tearoom. It’s surrounded by some beautiful countryside, so a great destination for a day out. That silky thick hot chocolate really is a winner, every time I think about it I feel an urge to shoot up to Grandtully and get some. :-)

  14. What a nice article…congratulations! The chocolate shop and tearoom sound perfect for little respite.

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