This blog started off being about tearooms, hence the name Lorna’s Tearooom Delights.

That was back in January 2012. Since then, I’ve branched out a bit, so that it’s no longer only concerned with the consumption of delicious comestibles. Tearooms will always have a place in my life, but as time rolls on I find I want to use this blog for writing about other things, and so the name no longer reflects the content quite as it once did.

I hope you’ll find something to entertain or inform you here, and I would be delighted if you followed the blog, by email or via WordPress. You can do that by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on one of the buttons.

If you would like to use any of my photos for non-commercial purposes, please feel free, and if you wouldn’t mind mentioning where they came from I’d be most obliged, thank you kindly. If you would like to use any for commercial purposes, please email me first, thank you.


(lorna AT sent DOT com – anti-spam measure)


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  1. hi,
    Thanks for visitingmy blog and your kin words.
    I really enjoyed reading your stories and look forward too read many more!

  2. Great idea – will be looking out for the book even though I live nowhere near enough to check out the delightful rooms you’ll be visiting!

  3. Thanks Lou (hope I’m not being over-familiar in my mode of address). I’ll be doing my best to publicise it when it’s available, and you never know, you might find yourself up in bonnie Scotland one of these days just wishing for a nice tearoom.

  4. I love the idea of your tearoom book! It is wonderful to hear from other tea lovers:) Cheers!

  5. Wow! I love tea!! I wish there would be more tearooms here in Spain. If I visit Scotland one day I will follow your tearooms’ guide. Good luck with your book! Thanks!!

    • Thank you very much, I hope you do make it over to Scotland one day and have the chance to visit some tearooms, you will be very welcome :)

  6. Thank you for the kind words and stopping by my blog.

  7. good luck with your adventure – looking forward to the aberdeenshire tea book!

    • Thank you, it’s a great excuse to go galavanting around Scotland, isn’t it? I lived in Aberdeen for 2 years so it’ll be interesting to revisit old haunts, and hopefully find some great new ones.

  8. What a great project and blog! I look forward to following your progress. I really liked your story about the jittery tea-room owners who thought you were engaged in industrial espionage!

    • Thank you very much, very kind of you to say so. I was wondering if such a thing might happen to me one of these days. I’ve had a few suspicious looks when I’ve been making notes, but that was the first ourtright accusation. Perhaps I should warn them in advance, but if they know I’m writing a review about them they might not give me their normal service.

  9. FundeMental

    I love a good tea room too. There’s a few in my town but my favourite makes their own jams to go with their cakes and toasted goodies, has mismatched china and uses leaf tea so you have to have a tea strainer. It feels very decadent somehow.

    • It sounds like the perfect tearoom to me, and it does feel special to take leaf tea from china teacups. Tearooms like that are truly wonderful institutions, I’m glad you’ve got one near you.

  10. J.

    Found your fun blog while on our friends tea blog http://teawithbetty.wordpress.com/ which I found during a visit to http://paninigirl.wordpress.com/ who I am very close to… :-)
    I can hear a SLIGHT Scottish accent while reading your post which is delightful. I love Scotland. Good job!


  11. Such a delightful blog! I love how unique your story is and so enviable too. I would love to taste test my way round Scotland one day :)

  12. Robert Adam

    I always look for a tearoom when I am out for a shoot, I have a coffee and scone fettish HAHA however never thought of documenting it. I did once try to capture my Fav food in certain places however I could not resist eating the subject before thinking about photographing it so it was a waste of time project for me HAHA

    • It can be a problem right enough, when you’ve got a delicious freshly baked scone and a cup of steaming coffee in front of you! Thank you for your comment, I look forward to more of your beautiful photos.

  13. What a wonderful blog. So happy I stumbled upon it! Teacups and all things tea, including tearooms, are very dear to my heart. I look forward to your book :)

  14. Lovely idea for a blog. You must get to see some beautiful places, not to mention all the tea and cake!

    Thankyou for visiting ‘thenaturephile’ and taking time to leave a comment.

    Best wishes


  15. Hi Lorna,

    What a contrast—working at sea and then taking tea on shore! I found it fascinating. And kudos to you, working on a series of tea books. Thank you for “liking” my strawberry post (Here’s a jolt of color for ya!) this morning.

    My dear friend Sue is a tea room fanatic and published a page-a-day tea-related calendar (two years in a row) back in early 2000. You can read a little about it and see the publication (which I designed and produced as a favor for her) on this site (scroll down to the 4th block):


    I’m going to tell Sue all about your tea blog so she can take a look at a fellow tea lover’s life!

    I write about her often on my blog, and here’s a posting that is specifically related to tea (and a tea party that she and her friend Barbara, a master baker, hosted in 2009):


    I’d love to know more about your “day job,” how your book is progressing, and your interest in tea!


    FYI: Although I’ve never been to Scotland (it’s on the list), I know some of my ancestors hail from there. My mother’s maiden name was McLean!




    http://www.gardenmuseshow.com (my upcoming photography exhibit)

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for all your comments and links.

      I’ve looked at some of your photos and they’re beautiful! I hope your photography exhibition goes really well, you must be pretty busy getting prepared for that at the moment. I’ve also looked at Sue’s blog and am now following her on Twitter, I can see she’s a gal who certainly loves her tea!

      My book is progressing quite well, thank you. I started it about a month ago but I’ve done most of the research now, so I just need a bit of self-discipline to get it written.

      McLean’s a good Scottish name, do you know which part of Scotland your ancestors came from?

  16. Hi Lorna,

    I went to the site that Sue used to maintain and that’s not actually her anymore! Her company was Tea Memories, Inc., and although she stopped doing anything for-profit with it years ago, I didn’t realize she had let the name/domain lapse and someone else has taken it on. That’s actually another tea person that I don’t know. If you’re following her on Twitter, that’s not Sue, either—she hasn’t gotten the hang of the latest social media just yet!

    You’re right about being busy preparing for the show! I think it will never end—the framing, matting, etc. I knew there was work involved, but I think I underestimated a tiny bit just how much. Of course, I can’t do ANYTHING halfway—I have to do it up grand, so I have far more pieces than I need. Whatever can’t hang in the allotted space, I’ll have available for sale at the reception in April as well as maybe open up an etsy.com store and try my hand at selling images there. Gotta do something with them!

    I have no idea what part of Scotland—I’ll have to do some digging to find out. I have a cousin who did extensive research on my father’s side (Dyer), but I don’t know of anyone who had delved into the McLean clan (yet).

    I love doing stuff like that on occasion—in fact, I started a blog to highlight and research random photos/families from images I’ve acquired over the years. That site is http://www.orphanedimages.wordpress.com. Sometimes I’ll post a family photo with a write-up, but mostly I’m posting (and researching when I have notes on the photo) other people’s relatives! :-) I really should spend more time learning about the McLeans, I do believe.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my work. I look forward to following your blog and keeping in touch!


    • You have an impressive number of blogs! Old photos are really interesting, I had a quick look at your orphanedimages blog. I’ve occasionally bought some photos in a second hand shop that I just liked, even though I don’t know who they’re of. My mum has a lot of old sepia family photos that I should really get her to tell me more about.

      That’s a pity about Sue, but whoever has taken over from her is, at least, a fellow tea lover.

      It sounds like a good idea, to try and sell the photos on an etsy store, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of interested new customers that way. All the best for your exhibition!

  17. Loving the blog! Keep up the lovely work.

  18. bethsciallo

    what a fun blog! and excellent suggestions for tea. Let me know if you’re heading Ayrshire/Lanarkshire way. I know some lovely places for you to try :)

    • Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to that part of the country. I know Dumfries and Galloway pretty well but not Ayrshire and there’s much I want to explore.

  19. Really enjoyed browsing your blog, and I love your writing as well as your photos. Trouble is, I’m hungry for scones now!

  20. Thanks for dropping by my blog! <3 I must say I am intrigued with your mission! cant wait to hear more about your tea room delights. And some good scones recipes would be great too!

  21. Thanks for dropping by my place today. MAybe we could get together at a nice tea room?

  22. Hi :-) I stopped by to look around your blog and thank you for visiting mine and the nice comment! Your blog looks great and I’m curious to read more! Have a great day!

  23. simplicitymaven

    Thank you for your kind comment on Tea is my Passion. I’m not aware of a single tea room in all of Panama, although there could be one, hidden away, like a precious gem. I’m following your blog and look forward to lifting a cuppa tea across the ocean with you.

  24. Thank you for reading my post titled “The Egg”.
    Love your blog!

  25. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 7 x 7 Link Award! Thanks for such an enjoyable blog. Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/03/09/7%c3%977-link-award/

  26. Seems awards are your thing, Lorna!!!
    I’ve just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You can find out more about it here at my post:
    Congratulations – it’s well deserved.

    • Thank you very much Nicole, what a lovely surprise! It’s so nice to get this award, I’m really chuffed and most grateful.

      • Well, it’s not a Creme Egg cake or a magical bandage for your wrist, but I’m glad you’re chuffed all the same. Thanks for a blog that brings me so much happiness xx

        • I can get a Creme Egg cake or a bandage anywhere but this is very special, thank you, and what a lovely thing to say. Yours does the same for me, my dear.xo

  27. Hi Lorna,

    Just to say I have nominated you for the Blog On Fire award. Please do not feel pressure to accept but you are very deserving of this accolade! Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog too! You can find details here:



    Tan :)

    • Hi Tania

      Thank you very much, what a lovely way to start my day! And many congratulations to you with your awards, excellent effort!

  28. Dear Lorna,

    This blog is mouth-watering. I’ll keep visiting even if it means adding a few pounds to my already bulky frame! :)

    Appreciate you liking my photos; it truly means a lot.


  29. Miss Cynthia L. H.

    What a wonderful and delightful plan! I look forward to following you on your journeys across the tearooms of Scotland and wish that I could accompany you. ;^)

  30. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and I’ve nominated you for the Genuine Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award! Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/04/01/the-sunshine-and-genuine-blogger-awards/

  31. Dear Lorna, I don’t know if you can stand another award (and I see that Megtraveling has also just given you two more!), but I couldn’t help myself! So, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations! (And all of these ought to help some publisher sit up and take notice. :-) ) http://bringingeuropehome.com/2012/04/09/playing-favoritesbeing-versatile/

    • Robin, you’re so sweet, thank you very much! I am a bit behind with the awards, I need to start passing them on to other people, but I very much appreciate you awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award, thank you! :)

  32. I’ve nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award. Please see my latest post for more detail.

  33. Eleenie

    I’ve read a couple of posts and am hooked already on your blog, it’s great! My sister lives in Arbroath so I’ll be looking through to see if there are any tearooms worth visiting when I go to see her next ;-)

    • Thank you very much! There is an excellent tearoom in Arbroath (I did a post on it a while ago; if you type ‘Arbroath’ into the search box on my blog you’ll find it under the title ‘Perfect Partners’).

  34. Love tearooms, what a wonderful blog!!! Maybe aberdeen is on the horizon?? I’m off to like your Facebook page :)

  35. Thanks for the visit and like on my blog, I’ll be reading your blog in more detail.

    • Thank you for popping in here! I was interested in your name because I’ve worked in the oil industry. Your photos of Norway are beautiful and make me want to be there. I’ve done a bit of work there and it really is a beautiful country.

  36. Hi Lorna – thanks for finding my new blog cheapeasydelicious, and for liking the fruit fondue post. I do like it when guests do some of the work…
    Have you discovered Charleton Farm in Hillside (on the edge of Montrose)? I declare an interest – it’s run by my chum Karin McQuistan, who’s a power in the land and has made a fabulous enterprise to run alongside the family farm (specialising in raspberries). It’s the only place you can buy purple raspberry jam, since Charleton is the only farm that grows purple rasps! Karin, being Dutch, calls it the coffee shop, but they do lots of lovely tea and the food is deeeelishus. Very popular, especially after picking a basket of berries. [When you go, mention my name and get a handful of raspberries thrown at you…]

    • I’ve never heard of Charleton Farm but I had a look at the website and it looks great, thank you for the tip! I love raspberries and I’ve never seen purple ones so I obviously must address this post haste. I wouldn’t mind having raspberries thrown at me if they were aimed at my gaping mouth.

      • Karin will oblige!! Say hi from me. Purple rasps are something different, and unique (I think) to Charleton. The jam is to die for… And there are golden rasps too – I’ll put a golden rasp recipe on my cheapeasydelicious blog – another challenge for dinner guests.

  37. Hi,

    Thanks for liking my blog post. Lovely blog you have, I do love tearooms :-) I am working on creating a zen-like tea room one day!


    • Hi Elisa, thank you for dropping by, your pink cheered my heart today! A zen-like tearoom sounds right up my street, when you’ve set it up I’ll come and chill out! :)

  38. You are so sweet to have come to my blog and “liked” me and left so many comments!! Thank you so much :) I hope you enjoy reading. I am glad I found your blog :)

    • Thank you, I’m really enjoying your blog! I don’t drink much now but a few years ago when I lived in a city I had my regular watering holes and always looked forward to a nice pint of real ale after work on a Friday with my good buddy. Nowadays, when I drink it tends to be bottled beer at home rather than on tap in a pub, but it’s great to read your descriptions, it reminds me of all the beers I used to enjoy tasting and waxing lyrical about!

      • Ya I typically drink more bottled beers at home just because it is cheaper and I enjoy having a beer while blogging ;) or getting other stuff done. I find it funny when people only drink beers on tap…both have their advantages ;)

        I am glad you are enjoying reading!! :D

      • Ya I typically drink more bottled beers at home just because it is cheaper and I enjoy having a beer while blogging ;) or getting other stuff done. I find it funny when people only drink beers on tap…both have their advantages ;)

        I am glad you are enjoying reading!! :D

  39. Hi Lorna, thought I’d pop over and check out your blog…what a yummy place! I have an Uncle who lives in Perthshire…it’s a small world! Annette xx

  40. Lorna, I am passing this recognition to you. This my token of appreciation for you.

  41. Hi Lorna! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! http://backyardprovence.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/getting-inspired/

  42. Brian Whyte

    Hi Lorna
    Just came across your blog. So looking forward to your wee book and visiting the tearooms you’ve found and I’ve missed. The search for quality home baking and a good cuppa in tearooms is a small passion of mine. Hurry up and publish!!

    • Hi Brian, thank you for your comment, it’s always nice to find a fellow tearoom afficionado! The book is in production right now and should be available at the end of June. I hope it contains one or two that haven’t yet had the pleasure of your company.

  43. Hi Lorna,
    Just wanted to let you know I love reading you blog and I have nominated you for the ‘Tell me about yourself Award’ :-)

    Feel free to participate or not.


  44. Eleenie

    Hi Lorna, I’ve nominated you for ‘one lovely blog’ award, here is the link http://denobears.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/one-lovely-blog-award/ Congratulations!

  45. If you’ve got room on that sidebar for another image, Lorna, you can add the Best Follower Award…because you are. ;-)

  46. I too am very fond of tearooms. i wish loads of luck with the book.

  47. I just love it! I really admire that you’ve started doing something that is so simple, which you love, and sharing it with everyone! What a brilliant idea! Look forward to your discoveries and I’ll be picking up a copy if.when I go to Scotland!

  48. hello lorna! i love how your blog looks and the content too! your header photo…i love pretty teacups and dainty plates! will visit again!

  49. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award! Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/08/19/a-second-year-of-travel/. (Now it’s official)!

  50. Your blog is so wonderful! I can’t stop scrolling through your beautiful photos! You’re adding a lot of travel destinations to my wish list and making me very anxious to plan a trip!!

    • Thank you very much, I’ve just been looking at yours and have been most impressed by all the tasty foodie pics. I still have a strong vision of those scones at the Devonshire tearoom… I would love to visit that place myself, although it’s rather a long way away for me. I’m delighted that you feel inclined to visit Scotland! :-)

  51. Hi Lorna! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award! Thanks for such an enjoyable blog. Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/10/06/super-sweet-award/

  52. Hello. I love your line ‘but, as you may be aware, there is a deplorable dearth of tearooms on the briny’ Fabulous. Before I moved to Cornwall I was obsessed by tearooms – I was always trying to get my reluctant partner into one. I had dreams of running one too, until I saw what hard work it was and realised that my love might turn into something else quite quickly. But actually living in the Land of Tearooms is so relaxing that I can barely be bothered to leave my armchair. Have you ever tried fizzy scones? My friend has a recipe on her blog http://www.greenfieldnotes.wordpress.com. I’m going to try it. Looking forward to hearing more of your tearoom tales, by which I can live vicariously.

    • Hello! Thank you for popping in, I’m delighted to meet you and your beautiful cows. Like you, I used to have dreams of running a tearoom but have given up the idea since I also realised how much hard work it would be. Far better to drop casually into one, lap up the tasty treats and then shuffle off leaving the clearing up to some kind waitress. I’ve heard of these fizzy scones, they’re very popular in Australia I believe, but I haven’t tried making them myself. I really ought to, but somehow I can’t quite get my head around putting lemonade in scones. Terribly conservative of me, but one day when I’m feeling reckless I intend to bite the bullet and try them. Meantime I’m off to look at your chum’s blog, thank you.

  53. Hi Lorna! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Thanks for such an enjoyable blog. Here’s the link: http://megtraveling.com/2012/11/16/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/

  54. Hi Lorna,
    We’re catching up on long overdue blogging and other adventures> As such we just put a little (about 30 fresh leaves) of long-ago-promised freshly-picked Lemon Verbena in the mail to you today, FINALLY!

  55. Congratulations! I’ve awarded you the Blog of the Year Award 2012! Check it out here: http://allthingsboys.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/second-star-from-the-right/

  56. I just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did. I too love a good tearoom – I live in Washington State and we have a few beauties that my girlfriends and I try to visit a couple times of year. We always have the best time catching up over a pot of tea and tea sandwiches. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Claire, and thank you for visiting. There’s nothing quite like a good natter over a pot of tea, is there? Happy New Year to you and your tea-drinking buddies!

  57. I’ve nominated your blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!, because I really love it and I think it is very nice. Feel free to accept the award. If you want to accept, here’s the link with all the information: http://praguebykaty.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/praguebykaty-blog/

  58. I would LOVE to visit Scotland, Ireland, Norway etc…. I have 3 little (not so little anymore) that depend on me and youngest is DeafBlind and challenging… Thanks for bringing some Scotland to me and I will not go drink a cup ol tea and think of myself there and read your blog. :-)

    • Thank you for reading, I’m delighted to be able to bring you a little for it Scotland. Ireland and Norway are also beautiful countries, both very green. I think armchair travelling is a fine hobby!

  59. Just wanted to let you know that furrylittlegnome has linked you in her post for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! Take care.

  60. Hi Lorna, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! More info on my post: http://dutchgoesitalian.com/2013/02/27/travel-confessions-liebster-award/. Feel free to accept or not. Have a nice evening!! Ciao, Letizia

  61. Hey there! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award…take a look!
    http://nutsoveroats.com/2013/03/04/sunshine-award-from-soulofspice/ :)

  62. Thank you for your support and kind comments regarding my entry in the Digital Lightroom competition.

    • My pleasure, thank you for commenting here. I loved your photo, I really dithered before opting for the train, I’d like to have voted for both.

  63. Hey, I ran across you by accident! My boyfriend and I also love going to our local(ish) teahouse in Maine all the time. Here are a few pics. You’d probably love it too! And for some reason they always give me the same style of teapot, even though I never ask for it. :)


    • Thank you, that tea house looks wonderful! I love when you get a tea menu, too, every tearoom should have one. How funny about the teapot, I hope you’re never disappointed by being given a different one. It’s a nice teapot, I must say. :-)

  64. Best of luck. I have published, self-published and now I am on the agent/publisher treadmill with my third novel, in the happy early stages of my fourth and battling for mainstream publication of a non-fiction work. It’s all good clean fun if you are lucky enough to have another source of income.

    • Thanks very much. That’s marvellous – three novels already and currently writing your fourth. I wish you the very best of luck in finding an agent/publisher for number 3 and hope you’ll continue to enjoy writing number 4. In a way I think it gets easier the more you write, at least once you’ve completed one you know you can do it. An income from writing would be nice….

  65. Hi Lorna,

    Thanks for calling in to my blog and liking my post on the Peranakan Beaded Slippers. Will look forward to hearing about tales from Perthshire now I’ve become a follower of your blog. Have a nice day! Cath

  66. Lorna, I have found the name of the tea I was telling you about… LEGENDS. http://www.legends-of-tea.com. The site is both in Dutch and English. I am so happy and my love will be even more…but I won’t tell him yet. I want to surprise him and will give it for Christmas ;)

    • That’s lovely looking tea! I’m delighted you found it and thanks for passing it on to me. I think it will make a wonderful Christmas present for a special someone. :-)

  67. Oh, I’m too late! We moved from Perthshire 2.5 years ago and are now adjusting to life in the States. Thank goodness for the Internet (and aeroplanes), which can take us back and away! Such a lovely blog. I shall be back!

  68. Love the George Gissing quote. I totally agree. Reimds me of the one C.S Lewis said about there never being a mug of tea big enough or a book long enough for him (something like that anyway). So happy to have found your blog. Emma xx

    • I recognise that quote from CS Lewis, the library cafe in Perth has it painted onto the wall. Delighted to have you pop in, thanks for your comments. :-)

  69. Hi Lorna, I can only imagine how you must feel. The least thing I could do was to reblog your post.

    • Thank you Julia, it’s been a very unsettling time. All the efforts people have made, and are still making, to get his story out there have helped us to feel supported and encouraged.

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