Invalid Tea

I’ve damaged my wrist and am feeling sorry for myself (all sympathy greatly received, I always think stoically soldiering through illness without complaint is much over-rated, you miss out on lots of sympathy if you keep quiet about it).

To cheer myself up, I made myself a little invalid’s tea using the clever teacup-and-saucer-joined-onto-a-plate my mum bought me in a second-hand shop recently. A cup of Twining’s tea and two petite slices of my mum’s home-made brown bread with smooth peanut butter and cherry tomatoes has gone some way to restoring my spirits.

I admit, I only posted this in an attempt to garner sympathy, and to show off my clever plate and cup combo. I’m fine really. If you don’t count writhing in agony due to searing wrist pain.

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