It snowed in Auchterarder two days ago, only briefly, but that was a sign of how cold it was. I saw the snow falling outside from the warmth of a chocolatier/cafe, where I sat a-sipping a thick cup of gloopy, sweet, sticky hot chocolate.

I think a photograph is in order:

small stoneware cup of sticky sweet hot chocolate

Seen from the top it sort of merged with the stoneware it was served in:

A selection of scones were on offer, including fig and cinnamon, which I chose, but I could also have had another sweet one (I’m afraid I forget the details and I find on consulting my notes that I didn’t even write it down, tsk) or a savoury one with goat’s cheese and something else (my notes really are woefully inadequate).

There were also croissants, biscuits and chocolates galore, and I believe the croissant was very acceptable. (My delightful assistant, aka my mum, had one and was extremely pleased with it. Personally, I was shocked by its smallness; the croissants on display were larger and covered in chocolate dribblings, but what was brought was a tiny wee thing with icing sugar on top.)

I think it’s a thumbs up for this little tearoom, but a second visit will be required to make sure.

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