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The Knockie

The small Perthshire town of Blairgowrie sits among rolling hills and farmland in the Vale of Strathmore.

The streets of the town slope upwards towards the north-west, and if you continue walking in this direction beyond the limit of houses, you soon reach the top of a small grassy hill called The Knockie.

The Knockie, being only a few minutes’ trot from where I live, provides an easily accesible bit of fresh air and exercise for someone who spends far too much time sitting at a desk. I try to get out for a little walk most days of the week and yesterday, thinking it was too long since I last did it, I felt inspired to go and look at the views from The Knockie.

The track up the hill is often very muddy, but is apparently being upgraded and will soon be covered in stones. I think it has a nicely old-fashioned look, bounded by lovely dry stone walls covered in moss:

When you reach the top of the hill, you can read a ghost story on a board:

The story concerns a Lady Jean Drummond, who lived at nearby Newton Castle around the 13th century. She fell in love with a chap from a neighbouring castle, but the two families were at war with one another over land rights, and any sort of romance was out of the question. Heartbroken, Lady Jean is said to have wandered out into the marshes, never to return. Her ghost, dressed in green silk, currently divides her time betwen the two castles, ever pining for her lost love.

A wooden seat has been thoughtfully provided so that you can sit and contemplate this tragic tale:

Yesterday was not the brightest of days, but on the other side of the hill from Blairgowrie there are good views of the surrounding countryside, and the distant Grampian mountains:

The track on the other side of the hill has a much better surface, being covered in tarmac for some of the way, and there are more mossy walls:

We’ve had a fair bit of stormy weather here lately, and I passed some trees that had not only been uprooted, but had taken the ground with them. I thought it looked as if a giant had come along and lifted up the carpet:

As I rounded The Knockie, the setting sun broke through the clouds casting a warm glow on the hillside to the east:

Over towards the west, the sky seemed to be on fire:

The atmosphere was hazy, but the lighting created this silhouette of a horse on the horizon:

By the time I got home, I felt I’d earned a small snackerel:

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Quotes from the Masters: Plato

A you may be aware, there’s a large sporting event taking place in London at the moment.

This week’s Quotes from the Masters challenge from Robin at Bringing Europe Home is dedicated to the 4 yearly marvel that is the Olympic Games, and her quote is one that I think I could do with applying to myself when I get frustrated by my inordinate sloth and inability to complete projects or learn things as quickly as I think I should. Here it is:

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” – Plato

When I read this at first, however, I thought not of myself but of delightful assistant no.1 (aka my mum).

My mum has a bit of bother with her right knee, and ideally she would have it operated on so that she can be without pain and with a straighter leg that doesn’t slow her walking pace down as much. However, due to medical complications she has been advised against this and so instead she hirples along and does the best she can.

When we go out together on little tea-taking adventures, we often try to include a walk for exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors, and she is forever apologising to me for being so slow with her gammy leg. She never complains about my antics, running up and down steps and dashing around, when I know she wishes she could still do these things herself. She’s just grateful that she can still walk, and she pushes herself to go up hills and is determined not to miss out just because she’s slow.

This is a picture I took after dashing up a flight of steps in Culross, Fife (post to follow – it’s a truly glorious place), while she walked more sedately along the street.

Watching this year’s Olympics, I am constantly amazed by the feats of the incredible athletes. Whether it’s swimming, weightlifting, running or any other sport, their dedication to the cause is awe-inspiring and I find the whole thing very uplifting.

In her own small way, to me, my mum is just as inspirational as any Olympian.

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Hidden gems

One of life’s little pleasures, and something I find very rewarding, is finding hidden gems in my own neck of the woods.

I used to enjoy voyages of discovery of this sort when I lived in Edinburgh, wandering through the streets and taking turnings that I hadn’t taken before, just to see what lay beyond my usual route. I was often delighted by surprising details – a nice architectural feature here, a beautiful garden there.

This afternoon, since we were both in need of a bit of fresh air and exercise, I whisked my delightful assistant off towards Kirriemuir and took a turn off the road that I had seen many times before but never investigated.

The road was marked ‘Silvie’, although I didn’t see any further signs of anywhere with that name. It was a very pleasant discovery; here are a few photos of what we saw:

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Between Tearooms

When I’m out and about visiting tearooms I usually take a bit of time between establishments to get some exercise. This is partly for general health benefits, partly because I enjoy walking outside in the fresh air, and partly in order to work up an appetite for the next tearoom.

Two days ago it was a lovely day in Perthshire, and I had a pleasant amble in the gently rolling hills to the south of Perth:

One of my favourite trees is Pinus sylvestris, the warmly orange-barked Scots Pine.  Scots Pines in the sunshine always perk me up because they remind me of happy childhood holidays:

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